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 Brilliant film, true to life

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PostSubject: Brilliant film, true to life   Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:37 am

Outlaw dvd was a welcome change from all the overblown unrealistic garbage that comes out of America these days. Outlaw is raw and ready and all aspects of the film right down to the shaky camera give you the feeling that its not a work of fiction but is a inside look on a real life situation. The acting is superb and believable most of the conversation feels add libbed rather than following the script word for word. The outside settings are mostly run down and dingy and give the atmosphere of urban decline. The story is well told and I only found myself getting confused by it once but this in it self got that part of the plot over to the viewer better than if it was spelt out for you.

Edge of the seat viewing from beginning to end, so I can't understand why some people are giving this low marks.
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Brilliant film, true to life
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