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 Rules of The Simpsons Forum

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PostSubject: Rules of The Simpsons Forum   Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:27 pm

These are the rules of this forum, and every member must obide by these rules.

1. No spam posts - this means that you cannot post within 3 hours of your last post without a reply being posted. It also means that you cannot post in 'trash' talk such as ''blud'' and ''sik''. But we do allow the occasional lol - doing this could result in warnings being given out
2. No posting links in unassigned areas - we only allow links in the Link Heaven forum - doing this could result in warnings being given out
3. No adult content - we do not allow any pornographic content on the forum - doing this will result in warnings, and could result in bans being given out
4. No swearing - we do not allow swearing, as we tolerate this as 'trash' talk. If you do swear, you are guaranteed to receive a warning from a moderator

Please make sure that you agree to these rules, and obide by them when using this forum
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Rules of The Simpsons Forum
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