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 , such as heroes, warehouse 13

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PostSubject: , such as heroes, warehouse 13   Mon Jan 10, 2011 5:37 am

I love a science shows, such as heroes, warehouse 13, fringe; all of those shows are really great. Now, the new science show---lost girl comes, I really love that. Never let me feel empty.
The show is really special, full of those who have psychic power, but this time, the writer defined them as advanced people which has higher level than human, not as some wired people who changed by the science, this is really awesome ,and their powers are attracted me so much. Most of the powers are totally new for me, at least I haven’t see in any movie or show.
The girl is just fit about this character, who is unbelievable gorgeous, and some kind of wild thing. At the first time ,I thought the ordinary girl is just somebody ,I never think about she could be participate this show with such a long time ,she will become that awesome girl’s friend, but , that’s also the special feature of this show, cause others will be freaked out when they seen things like this ,but she is not. She feel fun, she feel they should be great friend,. Nice.
This show, I’ll follow it, and I think it is worth for me to follow, hope it will never let me down.

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, such as heroes, warehouse 13
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